DOT Inspection Services in Fontana & San Bernardino, CA

Ensuring that your heavy-duty trucks, trailers, and fleets meet the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations is essential to avoid fines, maintain a strong safety record, and promote the smooth operation of your business. At JB Trailer Service, serving Fontana & San Bernardino, CA, we specialize in state and federal-level DOT inspection services to keep your vehicles compliant and your business running efficiently.

Diesel mechanic performing DOT inspection in Fontana & San Bernardino, CA

Understanding DOT Inspections for Heavy-Duty Trucks, Trailers, and Fleets

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) oversees the enforcement of DOT regulations for heavy-duty trucks, trailers, and fleets. These rules cover various aspects, including vehicle size, weight, and maintenance. Our experienced team at JB Trailer Service is well-versed in these regulations and will ensure your fleet is fully compliant.

Types of DOT Inspections

There are six levels of DOT inspections, each with different focuses and objectives:

  • Level I: North American Standard Inspection - A thorough vehicle, driver, and cargo inspection.
  • Level II: Walk-Around Driver/Vehicle Inspection - A visual inspection of the vehicle and driver documentation.
  • Level III: Driver/Credential/Administrative Inspection - A review of driver documentation and credentials.
  • Level IV: Special Inspection - A one-time inspection focusing on a specific item or component.
  • Level V: Vehicle-Only Inspection - Similar to a Level I inspection, but without the driver present.
  • Level VI: Enhanced NAS Inspection for Radioactive Shipments - An inspection specifically for trucks transporting radioactive materials.

At JB Trailer Service, we are equipped to handle Levels I, II, and V inspections, ensuring that your heavy-duty trucks and trailers meet all necessary standards.

Expertise in State and Federal-Level DOT Inspection Services

Our team of certified technicians at JB Trailer Service has the skills and knowledge to conduct thorough inspections, diagnose potential issues, and perform the necessary repairs to keep your fleet compliant with state and federal-level DOT regulations.

Brake Inspection and Repair

Brake system inspection and repair are vital for maintaining the safety and performance of your heavy-duty trucks and trailers. Our technicians will evaluate your vehicle's braking system, checking for worn components and ensuring compliance with DOT regulations.

Suspension and Steering Inspection

Suspension and steering systems are crucial for the safe operation of heavy-duty vehicles. Our team will inspect these components for wear, damage, or improper adjustment, ensuring that your vehicles meet DOT guidelines.

Exhaust System Inspection and Repair

A properly functioning exhaust system is essential for your vehicle's performance and compliance with emissions standards. Our technicians will inspect your exhaust system for leaks, damage, or other issues and perform any necessary repairs.

Lighting and Electrical System Inspection

Properly functioning lighting and electrical systems is crucial for safely operating heavy-duty vehicles. Our team will inspect and test these systems to ensure they meet DOT standards and perform any required repairs or adjustments.

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